The inherent desire in most human beings is to live in beautiful environments. This book is a holistic guide to landscaping and beautifying human habitats. The concepts and details presented in the book serve as a useful resource for ideas and techniques for greening and embellishing the entire physical environment including living, working and recreational spaces.The breadth and depth of plants and planting information in the book makes it very relevant for the entire spectrum of plant lovers, from amateurs to landscaping experts. The book is especially valuable for professionals who are responsible for creating good habitats for all people.


Innumerable books have been written on gardening and landscaping. Most of these pertain to one kind of material – it may be trees, shrubs, decorative plants or any other. One of the unique and interesting feature of this book is that it covers almost all kinds of essential materials which are primarily used for landscaping. The descriptions pertaining to usefulness of trees, their fundamental requirements regarding their structure, texture, density and diversity of use, scale, colour and form are all the kinds of characteristics that are required to be understood before planned plantations are done. Similar is the problem with shrubs, creepers, and numerous other plant materials which form an important part of landscaping. This book serves as a useful resource for greening, beautifying and improving physical environmental conditions for any kind of macro and micro settings.

It is a product of several decades of observation, knowledge and practical experience about important materials, their characteristics, functions, aesthetic values and their abilities to contribute towards development of better landscapes. The salient features of plants have been described along with coloured photographs of each kind. It, therefore, helps in choosing the right kind of species for proper landscaping.

This book in essence provides the broad landscaping perspective and deep knowledge of all kinds of plants to help all avid gardeners across the spectrum from new to experienced, a chance to create their own environs.This book is also especially valuable for professionals who are responsible for creating outstanding habitat for the people. It is a guide for all kinds of landscape materials and would serve as a model for the present and future generations.The applicability of this book is for almost all the countries of the world obtaining tropical, sub-tropical, sub-montane, semi cold as well as semi-arid regions.

  • Authors: Hardial Singh Johl and Sarbjit Singh Bahga
  • Publisher:White Falcon Publishing
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:978-8193078099
  • Hardcover:172 pages (Coloured)
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.4 x 28 cm
  • Availability:

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